Your Abs Matter Crop Tee

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1 in 6 Hong Kong residents faced mental health issues.

Inspired by her own journey, Janice created a platform called ABSOLUTE FOCUS that strives to encourage individuals to strengthen their mental health through fitness and wellness.
Your Abs Matter and You Matter AF are our special collaboration with Founder Janice Ng. The message behind “You Matter” holds a special place in her heart. She understands that there are times in this difficult journey, you might feel that you did not matter. The shirts are created to remind you that You Matter. In fact, You Matter AF.

Known for Janice’s killer abs and her popular pilates-inspired abs workout program AbsFocus™, we collaborated with her to create a crop top that encourages you to feel confident about your body and to celebrate your hard work. The message You Matter is to empower you to embrace yourself, to love yourself more, and we are here to remind you that You Matter.

  • Women’s fit
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • One Size
  • Made in India
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