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My journey at Float On:

I still remember the time when I first heard about float tanks, I was fascinated by the idea of floating in a pod.

Coming from an athletic background, I started ballet at the age of 5 and on the basketball, badminton, and athletics team in high school. Basically I’ve always been very active. The only thing I haven’t been active in was water sports. I was terrified of water.

I learned to swim when I was 8, but still struggled to relax in water. It wasn’t the fear of drowning, but the discomfort of water in my eyes and nose. Therefore, every time I was in the water, I got very tense. I couldn’t breathe normally, my shoulders would tighten up and my hips kept sinking every stroke I took. I’ve been craving for that relaxation in water that people seem to have no problem doing. It wasn't until I was introduced to Float On that I’ve been able to experience that floating sensation.

Over 2 months, I floated 9 times. Each session was an hour in a round, giant bath-like, DreamPod. It was the best feeling for me as I could float on water effortlessly without feeling stressed. It wasn’t until the 6th float that I could completely relax (in my terms, to fall asleep and feel unconscious) in the pod.

Each float was a different experience. Throughout my floats, I’ve been dealing with different stressful situations. The stressors included career, relationships, and health. Every time I showed up, I set the same intention - to heal, but based on different topics and I saw the pod as a space to seek answers. Before I stepped into the pod, I would give myself a pause to think of a question that I wanted answers to during what I called my, “floating meditation sessions”.

I found setting an intention before a float was very powerful. I brought myself to focus on what I wanted to heal. It helped open up my awareness to the intentions I'd set and every time I finished a float I felt a sense of clarity. It felt as if I’ve unloaded my troubles and my mind could finally rest.

The best part of the floating experience was being able to relax in 500kg of epsom salts. The temperature of the water at first felt quite cold as my belly button was exposed. However, after I got used to it, everything just felt natural. A friend of mine told me that being in the float tank was as if you were back in the mother’s womb. It made perfect sense as the water temperature was purposefully designed to match your surface skin temperature, about 34.5 degrees.

Overall, my floating experience was amazing! I’m the kind of person that takes a lot of matters to my heart; therefore tiny little things stress me out. I experienced crying out loud (really loud actually) without any anticipation of the pain of betrayal that I actually took on from my past relationship that was in fact traumatic for me.

I also found an answer to my health and why I was getting sick every two weeks for the past 2 months - it was the stress from the busy city. I didn’t know my body was actually drained because I’ve never been able to fully relax and acknowledge the exhaustion I’ve gotten from the city.

It wasn’t until I let go of the intention to meditate from each float that I was able to fully enjoy the relaxation I’ve been meaning to achieve from the floating experience. I reassured myself that I wasn’t wasting a float session by sleeping because rest was what I needed. So during my last three float sessions, I was happily enjoying a deep relaxation by letting go of my thought to “make the most out of everything” and just surrendered and let myself relax in the float tank.

Floating has been my favorite healing and deep relaxation method. I’m still exploring different healing ways to deal with stress but floating is addictive! Once you felt that deep relaxation, you just want your body to feel as light as a feather all the time, and you will find yourself going to Float On every week or two weeks just to get that relaxing fix!

________________________________ ABOUT FLOAT ON:

Float On HK is Hong Kong's first sensory deprivation centre. DreamPods are filled with 500 kilograms of epsom salt and magnesium in water kept at 34 degrees, which ultimately mimics being in a zero gravity environment.

Website: http://www.floatonhk.com/

Location: Basement (Door Beside 7-11); 89 Caine RoadMid-Levels, Hong Kong S.A.R

Hours: M-S 9:00 am - 11:30 pm

Tel: +852 2548-2844


My Pick:

Intro Pack:

3 floats for $1350

The 60 Minute Monthly Membership:

1 float for $550/month

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